2016 GMC Canyon Console Vault
Install Information

Product: Console Vault #1068
This is listed as Chevy Colorado console - it has fit perfectly in our 2016 GMC Canyon.
This was installed in a 2016 GMC Canyon crew cab SLT Automatic transmission.

There are many different methods of installing this pruduct. The information & photographs you are about to see is our own personal install method and for informational purposes only. Your own install methods may vary. Use this information as a guide and use your own judgement with your own final install details. GOOD LUCK!!

The Story: Back in 2010 my previously owned truck was broken into while sitting in my driveway. I had failed to lock my doors after a long & exhausting day trip (totally my fault). That evening - thieves broke in and stole some electronics out of my center Console. Not long after that, , I purchasec my first Console Vault (See my first write up) and I haven't looked back. I am a lot smarter now-a-days in keeping the truck locked. The Console Vault is not theft prevention, but only a theft deterrant. Please make sure you utilize any and all - First line of Defense measures (whatever that might be).

I spent a lot of time online trying to find installation instructions and photos without success. Kudos to Savagebob for posting some instructions on his own install - especially the tear down. The information helped greatly and the install wasn't nearly as difficult. So - to help others - I've decided to come up with my own writeup with'photos' available for reference to make it easier.

i1) Removing Rear Console Panel:
This is the panel on the backside of the console with the 2 USB ports and the power outlet. You don't need any special tools - however - you will want to use something plastic or soft so you don't gouge, scuff, or scratch the console. In the photos - we are using special plastic prying tools. We purhcased these years ago and they continually come in handy in such projects like this. If you search the internet for "Plastic Prying Tools" - there are many options available and they are inexpensive. Here is a link to a photo of the tools we used:

This below photo is where the clips are located on the Rear Panel.

Start at the bottom and unsnap both sides.

After unsnapping both sides - work your way up to the top clips.

Disconnect the USB wiring - two different plugs.

Disconnect the power outlet

2) Removing Shifter Bezel

Remove the rubber cub holder liner. This is a photo of the Shifter Bezel and the clip locations.

Start on the inside of the bezel (as shown) and slowly pop out both backside clips first. Then, pop out both middle clips and work your way to the front. We feel working in this method helps prevent twisting or cracking of the bezel.

3) Removing Console

First - Open your console lid.

Below - A photo of the clip locations on the console (the elongated holes).

Start at the back of the console nearest the Lid hinge. With your hands, pull up on the center section.
Take your prying tool and start at the back and work your way towards the front making sure you do both sides together until you work your way towards the front. Again - we felt this will help prevent twisting or cracking of the console.

Unplug the USB port wiring

Remove console and take it to your workbench.

4) Insert the Console Vault into your console

Insert the Console Vault into your Console making sure its inserted properly and the whole way down into the console. You will now be marking the holes to be drilled.

5) Mark the holes in console

The Console Vault included 2 selt tapping screws. These self tapping screws are 1/4x20 thread. Take these screws and thread them into the holes on the insides of the Console Vault. Run these in as far as they'll go but don't tighten. You are marking the holes to be drilled into the plastic. The screws may or may not completely puncture thru the plastic.

This is a photo of the outside of the console after the screw was run thru. This side did not go completely thru the plastic.

Remove the Console vault from the Console.

Inspect the holes/marks you created. If the screws did not go the whole way thru - You will need to punch the area to create a hole or divit for your drill bit to follow.

Use a 1/4" drill bit. Drill the holes and clean up the area of plastic shavings.

6) Hardware

Below is a photo of the bolts and fender washers we used. The bolts are 1/4 x 20 thread pattern. You can use whatever type of bolt you want - making sure it's 1/4x20 thread pattern. The length was important (to us), as we didn't want anything sticking thru to the inside of the vault.

7) Install Console Vault

IInsert the Console Vault and attach the vault with the hardware. This is a photo of the outside of the vault.

This is a photo of the inside of the Console vault where the bolt is flush with the vault insert.

That's it!! You're done!!!

Install everything back together in the reverse order.

Final Thoughts - The hardest part about putting everything back together, was connecting the USB port wiring to the Console. For some reason, the extra weight of the console made it harder (than unhooking it). The connection itself didn't SNAP like I thought it would. At the time, we were unsure if it was connected and decided to run some tests - and nothing worked initially. We soon realized....this USB port WILL NOT WORK unless the wiring on the back of the console (USB & Power outlet) were also connected. Once we connected everything - the USB port worked just fine.
Good Luck with your own install and I hope you're just as happy with yours as I am with mine!