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September 9, 2006 - Keystone Krawlers


A small group of 4 rigs met up at the park to do some high blue & black trails for the day. We had a 5th rig join us at the last minute - however - that didn't last long after he broke his front u-joint backing up out of our first trail (newest section of whompum - hill decent). We had to escort him back to the staging area. Once again, the group was down to 4 rigs. We headed over to Rattler II (both sections) and then to Rattler. We got the majority of the way through when one of the guys experienced a pretty bad steering failure and had to limp him off the trail. Overall - everyone was fully capable and did an awesome job!! Weather was perfect and I THANK all the guys for their hard work in helping eachother out!! GREAT JOB!!

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August 12, 2006 - Keystone Krawlers


It was a beautiful day to do some wheelin!! Thankyou Kyle for organzing this ride!! We had 11 rigs that we started off with. We headed over on Valley Rd with the entire group. Not long into the journey - we had a rig break a front axle u-joint while playing on one of the more difficult rock obstacles on Valley Rd. A few of us stayed behind to help with repairs, while the rest of the group kept going. After the repairs, we proceeded on Valley Rd and onto Haul Rd and met up with the other group for lunch. After lunch, we split off into two groups. The 'more extreme' group headed over to Turtle Trail, went up Squirrel Trail to Turtle's tail and back on Turtle Trail again. We headed for Piedro de Diablo. Piedro de Diablo was a really fun trail. Some of the folks had never seen a trail of this 'extreme'. A lot of spotting was required - but we all made it with minimal effort and it was GREAT to see the folks conquer something new and challenging!! Towards the end of the day/trail, one of the rigs dropped down onto a rock and broke a front driveshaft. It was AWESOME seeing everyone again and meeting the new folks. The weather was perfect and I hope we see you on the trails again soon!!

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May 20, 2006 - Keystone Krawlers


We had a very small group of 5 rigs head to Paragon for our Keystone Krawlers monthly ride. We had a mild day running greens & lower blues with some harder play areas inbetween. The weather cooperated with only a small downpour that only lasted about 5 minutes. We went out past the play area, onto Turtle Trail (7A) to Turtles Revenge over to Inner Spare Tire and over onto Rocky Meadow. While on Rocky Meadow, we ran into a few *Trail Closed* signs and just followed the trail to where it took us. We thought we ended up on Laural - but it wasn't the same Laurel of years past. It was completely new and we'd never seen the trail before nor did we know how it was rated. It was a fun trail with some middle blue obstacles to get through. At lunch we headed over to the spring and had our BBQ cooking burgers & hotdogs on the grill. After lunch, we headed back up Turtle Trail onto Turtles Bypass. We were looking to do some Whompum but discovered some 'new and unknown' areas of Whompum we haven't seen and didn't take the chances of taking the group on unknown areas. We ended up onto Coal Rd and went over to trail #25. While on Trail #25, we stopped to play on Piedra de Diablo rocks and continued on trail #25 and back to the parking area. Overall a very good day - a broken hub, a few oil leaks were discovered in the group and there was some winch usage. But other than that - everyone remained mobile the entire day. It was GREAT meeting Brian & Charles and as always....wheeling with Wayne & Nancy, and Clay & Doris! Hope to see you guys on the trails again soon!!

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April 15, 2006 - Keystone Krawlers


Let's go WHEELIN!! The Keystone Krawlers Spring Opener brought out about 12 vehicles, members & non members alike. Welcome Everyone and thanks for coming and enjoying the day with us!! We started our day keeping everyone together as a group - hopped on Foundations, Valley Rd, Doe Run, Cabin Spring Trail. We stopped at the spring for a bbq lunch cooking burgers on the grill - and split up into two groups. We ran with the secondary group that did Turtles Tail, Sleepy Hollow and Headless Horseman. It was a beautiful day out for some wheeling. Met some great new folks that came along - hope you all enjoyed it also!!

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November 19, 2005 - Keystone Krawlers


It was a chilly Saturday morning but it turned out to be a nice sunny, mild day on the trails!! Thankyou Eric for guiding us today on the new trail "00" at Paragon! We had a great time and were glad to get out !!! It was nice meeting and wheelin with everyone again and hope to see you soon!

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May 29, 2005 - 'Black Trails' Mixed club run


A beautiful day to go wheelin!! It's been a long time since we've been able to do some black trails. We gathered some Keystone Krawler members (and non-members) out for a day to play in the rocks. We started out by doing "Pick Your Poison" (Black 2). I was able to get some spotting practice - as I spotted Steve through the entire trail without any problems. This was our first time on this trail and we managed to go through it rather easily with no hiccups or problems for anyone in the group. We ventured down Coal Rd and towards M Trail - however - there was a group of rigs already on the trail and they were in the process of fixing a broken rig. Q Trail was also booked up so we decided to do trail #23 New Un-named Trail (Black 2). This trail is very short and we only played on it for a short time. We ventured over to locate the entrance to "Valley of the Dogs" (Black 2). We'd never been on this trail either and didn't know exactly where the trail went. We found the entrance and traveled about 100 yards and suddenly lost the trail. We were totally unsure where it went - so we turned around and headed out. We decided to do some of the Whompum Trails (Blue 3) - but on our way towards the trail head, we took a detour into the play area mud pit. One of guys in the group couldn't resist the urge to get a little muddy and get stuck!! After several attempts with a tow strap to get him out - we hooked two rigs together and winched him out slowly. What a nasty mess!!! Traveling over to Whompum, we just started in the entrance of the trail when one of the rigs experienced a mechanical problem. Right about this same time, the storms rolled in and it started POURING rain!!! It was still early, about mid afternoon - but we all decided to call it a day and get an early start towards home. THANKYOU to everyone who came out. It was great meeting some new folks and awesome to do some black trails again!! Can't wait to do it again!!!

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May 14, 2005 - NEUROC


Saturday May 14th marked the first NeuRoc competition of the year at Paragon. What a beautiful day and a great way to spend the afternoon!! We took our time getting to the event this year arriving at 9:30am. We got a great parking spot on coal road and the event didn't even start yet! We spent most of the day on Obstacles 4,5,6,7 watching our favorties in the Super Modified (Unlimited) class. The spectator crowds weren't as heavy as past events which made it much nicer to find a good place to watch and take pictures. Every year - the competitor rigs get better and better and are more amazing than before. GREAT JOB GUYS!!! Looking forward to seeing you in Paragon again (this year). Good Luck at the Badlands!!

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